SMS 254
Global Bulk SMS Service


  1. What is the range of Sms254 coverage area?
    A Our coverage spans over 600 networks in over 200 countries across the globe.

  2. Can I use this service for sending messages on my products or services info, advertisement or any such purpose to my customers or intending customers?
    A. Yes, you can. This service is meant for you. We Also have a huge database of several segments in different industries across the country that you can make use of at NO extra Cost
  3. What is sender ID? How do I set them?
    A sender’s ID is an Alphanumeric name that pops-up as the sender of the sms, similar to sms sent out by Safaricom/M-pesa/Airtel/Kenya Power, Equity etc. Registration of a sender ID is done by the mobile provider, approved and monitored by the Communications Authority of Kenya. It is charged as a one off payment of Ksh 9,280/- inclusive of VAT. We provide the forms for this and submit them on behalf of the client to expedite the process at NO extra fee.We also have a set of registered Sender’s ID’s that the client can use for FREE if the client wishes NOT to register a sender’s ID. This however does not apply to Political candidates or political messages.
  4. Can I send SMS with alphanumeric sender ID?
    A. Yes, you can send SMS with an alphanumeric sender ID but you will first require to register your sender's ID as above.
  5. Can I send special characters in SMS?
    A. Yes, you can send any special character of a US Keyboard.
  6. What are the payment methods supported by Sms254?
    A. We currently accept M-Pesa, Bank Transfer, Paypal, Cash and Bankers Cheque deposits into our bank account.
  7. What is the minimum SMS credit?
    A. The minimum SMS credit you can purchase is 1,000 credits.
  8. Why do messages at times get delayed reaching their destinations?
    A. There are many reasons for delay like either the receiver has switched off his or her Mobile or the mobile is out of range.
    Delivery of the SMS messages to the recipients solely lies with the mobile network operator of the recipient. SMS messages submitted via Internet will be transferred to mobile network operators, provided that the recipient's phone is switched on and does not have a full memory and is located in an area covered by its subscribed mobile network provider and the mobile number is active on the mobile number operator’s network.
  9. Will the messages sent displaying my number be charged against my account with my mobile operator?
    A. No the bills will be charged against the credits that would be provided by Sms254 on your account
  10. Why do I need a username and password with my Sms254 Account?
    A. Your password keeps your Sms254 account completely private and personal. The password assures that you are the only one sending messages from your account. Except of course you share such details with someone else.
  11. What happens when my message encounters a switched off mobile?
    A. When the system tries to deliver your message to a phone number that is switched off or out of range the message will remain in the network for 24hours. As soon as the mobile comes in a range that message will be delivered to it.
    SMS that cannot be delivered within the life span (24 hrs.) allocated to them, either by us or a Mobile Network Operator will be discarded by the Mobile Network Operator, without any notice.
  12. Is there any limitation to the amount of messages I send and How long is an SMS?
    A. You can send a total of 250,000 sms at One-Go, you would need to send another batch after that. This is in line with the fair usage policy to ensure there is no delay or lag on the network. Note however that the amount of messages you can send is also limited by the credit balance of your account.
    A ONE Page SMS consists of 160 characters, this is including spaces and special characters (, _ - . @&*%$)
  13. How quickly are messages delivered?
    A. Your messages are sent to the recipient's number
    on the various mobile networks you have sent to as soon as you click send. However, depending on the volume of sent requests, there could be some delay based on each mobile networks operation mechanism.
  14. How do I contact technical support?
    A.  Send technical support requirements to our support email:
  15. How do I check my balance/credits?
    A. To check the balance you have in your account do the following:-
    1. Login to your account with your user-name and password.
    2. Click on Profile Badge on the Top right Corner.
    3. It will display the credit allotted to you and the credit you have used.