SMS 254
Global Bulk SMS Service


1. Personalized SMS

Our bulk sms service allows the customers to register a sender’s ID with the mobile operator network. This not only ensures content authenticity but also promotes your Brand. A sender’s ID is the name that pops-up as the sender of the sms, similar to sms sent out by Safaricom/M-pesa/Airtel/Kenya Power, Equity etc. Registration of a sender ID is done by the mobile provider, approved and monitored by the Communications Authority of Kenya. It is charged as a one off payment of Ksh 9,280/- inclusive of VAT. We provide the forms for this and submit them on behalf of the client to expedite the process at NO extra fee. Further note that, we have a set of registered Sender’s ID’s that the client can use for FREE if the client wishes not to register a sender’s ID. This however does not apply to Political candidates or political messages.

2. Group SMS offers Group Bulk SMS messaging that enables you to send a single message to all your targeted audience with just a single click. This is ideal for sending reminders, promotions, events and/or creating awareness. The client is required to provide a list of recipients of the SMS. In in the event the client wishes to use the database segments provided by ICT Kenya, the client shall NOT pay any extra charges.

3. Customized SMS

We at Sms254 recognize that different institutions have different needs. It is for this reason that our platform is enabled to provide customized messages to cater for specified needs of the client. The client is required to compose the SMS to be sent out and forward it to ICT Kenya if they wish the SMS to be sent out on their behalf

4. Multiple Users

Our web based platform allows you create multiple users. This ensures the service is available to the entire institution/organization.

5. Mail merge

Mail merge allows you to; insert salutation; or add attachments such as  a flier / image or upload an excel or word document all in one sms message.

6. Duplicate Removal Tool Duplicate Removal Tool finds and removes all the identical mobile numbers in your text file. This allows the messenger to send only one message to one recipient at a time.

7. API Connectivity

We provide all the codes necessary for integration to the client, who in turn is free to carry out the API integration on their own portals or websites with their own technical team at NO COST.

8 .Delivery reports

Our system, allows us to provide you with comprehensive delivery reports on the number of successful sms deliveries and un-deliverables (if any). This helps the customer to keep track of the messages sent over a set period of time.

9. Affordable Pricing

Our SMS rates are highly affordable and range from as low as 40cents to 80cents per sms. (Attached please find our Bulk SMS rate card).

10. Data Security

At, we take data security seriously. We use various techniques to guarantee the security of your data

This includes;-

  1. User Login Credentials; every user is assigned a username and password that is unique across all users. This ensures that nobody else can access your data.

  1. Data Encryption; Data encryption ensures that should the data fall into the wrong hands while encrypted, then the recipient has no way of making sense of the data.

  1. Data Back-up; this is done regularly to ensure that our services remain uninterrupted in case some servers malfunction.

11. Your Unique Digital Marketing Package

One of the things that set ICT Kenya apart, is our flexible approach to marketing solutions. Whether you need an end-to-end digital marketing package or just a few key services to support your internal team, we are able to meet your needs. Our experiences have always proven to be a valuable asset.

12. Service Beyond Cost

At ICT Kenya, we seek to add value for our customers through support. We provide the most cost-effective digital marketing solutions available. Our dedicated support team is always on hand to answer any questions or queries that you may have.